11 June 2010

My Dearest Chombie

my own car, my own money ...!

Even though she makes me invest so much money for her, just to make sure that she is pretty ... (looking forward to make her boombastic, need more budget loh)

n o w, i am almost POKAI, but i am satisfied, xpa...
just lepak at home after this ...
i love my mom, pidot the bro n my chombie ...!

A New Experience

CONVEX, is one of the biggest organisation in Universiti Sains Malaysia. This organisation manage and handle an event called as Ekspo Konvokesyen USM.

Never get involved in any of USM Programme instead of PIMPIN SISWA as participant, now, after taking consideration of my friend offer to be one of the Majlis Tertinggi Bahagian in this huge and well known organisation in USM, I took it as a new experience and make it as my new challenge.

Looking forward for another programme / event in USM, just miss to be one of the facilitators in Kem PIMPIN SISWA due to more work load coming ahead later on.