24 January 2012

Fred'sCinema : Must Watch Movie 2012 Part 1

Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol

Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadow

(ini kali terakhir mungkin tengok cerita Malaysia dekat panggung, lepas ni nak tengok dekat Astro First, tengok ramai-ramai bayar RM15, payah sikit nak berbaloi tengok cerita Malaysia dekat panggung)

Jack & Jill

Underworld : Awakening

Star Wars : Episode 1 The Phantom Menace 2012

Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance

Street Dance 2

Wrath of The Titans

The Avengers

Men in Black 3

Madagascar 3

GI Joe : Retaliation

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The Amazing Spider Man

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Fred'sTech: Samsung Galaxy S2 VS iPhone 4S

I have been using both of these masterpiece - the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Apple iPhone 4S which I have used Samsung Galaxy S2 for about 5 months and Apple iPhone 4s just for about 3 months and I am surely can compare and contrast the general performance of both smartphone but first, let us check out both specifications!

From my experience, most of people will ask, which smartphone will offer you more satisfaction? Generally for me, definitely the Samsung Galaxy S2 because the wider screen, even it is hard for us to use just one hand to type message or update status of Twitter or Facebook, for me that is what the use of QWERTY pad, the fully usage of two hands rather than just one hand which we used before this for the candy bar what-so-ever. The AMOLED Screen Display is way more give you satisfactory and because of that apart from the factor which it has dual core processor, the battery drain! It is such a highly usage battery consumption for a smartphone and that might not be the factor for you guys out there to feel satisfy with it, I truly believe in that.

In term of speed, I don't see any much difference between Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple iPhone 4S, it both perform well in term of speed. But bear in mind! Both phone will release heat and that will cause your smartphone to feel hot while you are gaming or surfing. Compared to both phone, Samsung Galaxy S2 will be more hotter than the iPhone 4S and it is more frequent and faster to get hot compared to Apple iPhone 4S. If your Samsung Galaxy S2 have a battery percentage below 20% and you still keep using it, you will feel the body turns hot and if by that time you receive call, you can't even place your phone right to your cheek. Even Apple iPhone 4S is also having such a problem faced by the Samsung Galaxy S2, however this problem seems not too serious, the heat release is just affection the back side and not the front side and the degree of heat is much more lower than the one produce by the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The Apple iPhone 4S is having much better battery life compare to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and it even take less time to charge fully 100%. Full experiment regarding this matter has not been conducted yet by me but in my daily observation since I am using these two smartphones, I can see the difference of battery usage and also the time taken for those two to fully charge both smartphones.

OK, if Samsung Galaxy S2 are facing so much problem, aren't Apple iPhone 4S is not even facing any problem? Since I am using it past 3 months previously, sincerely, I don't even face any major problem but just a few difficulties in handling this Apple iPhone 4S. It just because of its exclusivity, a few simple operation turns to be a little bit difficult such as making the mp3 song into your ringtone and transfering of photo etc which is fully conducted via iTunes. However, for those who are using Macbook and running the latest iOS 5, I am pretty sure that the iCloud app would be very handful for you guys. But not to forget, the iCloud-alike is actually has been adapted in the Samsung Technology which it use an application known as Kies Air and it is actually being introduced first by Samsung then only the iCloud is being launched by the Apple Inc in their iPhone 4S =)

However, for the time being, I am still satisfy with the performance of both smartphone. Both have its own X-factor and it depends on people to judge it.

20 January 2012

Fred'sDesire : The Car

I believe that everybody want a car and they dream to have a good car that will surely impress people on them and so do I, please don't be hypocrite to say that you don't have your dream car, at least, the one that you can afford to. After I am graduating from my driving school, my first dream car is Nissan Sunny 130Y, because by that time, the price for second hand car is around RM5,000 and I believe by that time I can afford to buy it, but my mother did not allow me to have it because it is an old car that will surely cause trouble in the future with its engine and its performance. Then for about one a half year, I use my dad car, PROTON Wira and last year, I bought a car at last with my own money for about RM8,000 its a PERODUA Kancil.

In a few months in the future, I'll be graduating from  USM, and I was really hope that I might get a new car for my daily usage when I am working. From the ranking listed THE MOST DEMANDING CAR in Malaysia, PERODUA Myvi is the model that be in the first ranking, but however, for me, it still did not comply with my requirement and my need! Even the shape and design for me, it looks so awkward from the very beginning this model is being launched. Its so not into me. For me, frankly speaking, in my opinion, most people who get PERODUA Myvi as their car were expecting that their car is sort of in the same league of HONDA Civic, TOYOTA Camry, or might be MITSUBISHI Lancer! If you don't believe or disagree with my opinion, just make your own observation on the road especially on the highway. Which car speed up most of the time? For car with high performance, it is normal, but for that kind of car, I don't think it such a comparable. I might get one PERODUA Myvi perhaps if my budget to own a car is not high, but that people perceptions on the owner of every each Myvi will always be remembered. Hope there would be no offense from the owner of PERODU Myvi.

Out of several model launch by PROTON, this PROTON Satria Neo is somehow had attract me much! The sporty design and head lamp do really attract me. Unfortunately, this car is a kind of coupe car which only have two doors. That is the only problem that make me to say NAAA... but somehow, this car is still in my list dream car.

PROTON Satria Neo
RM79, 790 (1.6)
RM60,763 (1.6) CPS

If you guys were expecting to have an imported car as your first car, I think this model is really suit us. With its good performance and heard that it also fuel efficiency car, I think, this car would be worth though.

TOYOTA Vios (TRD Sportivo)
RM91,204 (1.5)
RM75,294 (1.5)

Nice sporty hatchback car! Its in my list also, but sadly, this compact car with little space is just too expensive for me!

HONDA Jazz (1.5)
RM109,800 (1.5)

A very competitive model to the one that I dream - TOYOTA Vios. HONDA City comes with a sophisticated design which being implemented in the other two latest model from HONDA - the HONDA Insight Hybrid Car and HONDA CRZ

HONDA City (1.5)

This 4WD car that come with white variant is really sexy!


What can I say? This is the very first car that attract me even before I have my driving license! While my friend and I hangout somewhere, we first found this car and both of us targeting to have this car soon, mine in red while his in white! One day, I'm going to drive this car likeabawse!

MAZDA RX8 (1.3)

Sexy! That's all I can say, but it's way too much expensive and I don't think this car is worth to buy unless you are billionaire / trillionaire! Haha

BMW X6 (4.4)

12 January 2012

FoodHunters : Nasi Lemak Tokong Ular, Pulau Pinang

Dah lama aku tak masukkan review makanan disebabkan kesibukan yang datang berganda-ganda tanpa henti. Mula-mulanya sibuk dengan nak baca buku untuk final semester exam, lepas tu diikuti pula dengan Latihan Amali Wajib / Latihan Industri / Practical Training dan akhirnya ada jugak sedikit kelapangan untuk aku tulis review ni.

Bagi peminat dan penggemar nasi lemak, anda kini tak perlu lagi tunggu pagi-pagi untuk menikmati hidangan nasi lemak bahkan sekarang ni ada juga beberapa restoran yang menyajikan menu nasi lemak sebagai menu utama.

Restoran ni merupakan cadangan seorang sahabat rapat si Encik Sharil Anuar dan tanpa berlengah aku pun ikut la dia ni pergi pekena nasi lemak yang dikatakan sedap ni. Banyak kali jugak aku pergi makan kat sini dan ada masa sedap ada masa kurang sedap tapi selalunya sedap, jarang-jarang tak sedap. Kononnya, restoran ini merupakan restoran milik salah seorang pelajar USM Pusat Pengajian Seni, sejauh mana kebenarannya, aku pun tak pasti sebab hanya sekadar cerita tapi kalau betul, alhamdulillah.

Terdapat beberapa menu nasi lemak yang disediakan di restoran ni, ada nasi lemak biasa dan nasi lemak ayam,

Fred'sLife : Jaga Perasaan Orang

Aku dapat satu voucher from Nando's untuk menikmati quarter chicken dekat restoran tu,bukan senang nak dapat makan free. Berbuih aku ajak orang keliling teman aku pergi makan dekat sana tapi mana ada siapa pun yang endah. Memang la aku dapat makan free and orang yang teman aku tu kena bayar,tapi takkan la aku ni kejam sangat sampai nak biar dia bayar sorang-sorang,aku support la setengah. Perangai aku,aku takkan offer sesuatu melainkan perkara tu tengah berlaku. For example aku takkan bagitahu orang tu yang aku akan belanja dia makan hari ni tapi aku akan cakap bila dia dah siap amik apa yang dia nak makan. Then disebabkan voucher tu dah terlalu lama duduk dalam wallet aku and aku risau voucher tu reput maka aku pun pergi la makan sorang-sorang dekat Nando's Queensbay..

Aku ni selalunya jenis jaga perasaan orang ok,tapi bila aku tengok lately asik aku saja yang jaga perasaan orang dan orang lain tak pernah kesah dengan perasaan aku, so why should i care about others feeling??? Dan sebab tu juga aku sekarang ni lebih suka dan memilih untuk menjalani kehidupan aku sendirian. Pergi makan sorang-sorang, pergi shopping sorang-sorang even watching movie pun sorang-sorang. Bukannya aku tak dak kawan nak ajak, cuma aku rasa aku yang tak dak kawan and masa aku dengan masa kawan-kawan tak ngam lah. Daripada aku menyusahkan orang lain,aku rasa baik aku tak payah buat dosa free menyusahkan orang lain nak kena ikut p mana aku nak,kalau ada orang nak ikot aku,jom aku tak kisah,kalau tak dak pun xpa. But i still have my bestfriend, my loyal little brother who will follow me nak pi mana, janji bagi dia makan! Terima kasih adik Firdaus!

Fred'sLife : 2012 Wishlist!!

Tahun 2011 melabuhkan tirainya =)
Banyak cerita kehidupan dah terukir sepanjang tahun 2011
& bagi aku, cerita paling bermakna sepanjang tahun 2011 adalah cerita sepanjang Latihan Industri yang aku buat...

Baru-baru ni,ada keluar satu trend dalam Facebook berkenaan Wishlist 2012, memang banyak gambar-gambar dia,tp banyak yang menjurus kepada perempuan,mungkin post tu dibuat oleh perempuan kot. Tapi macam mana pun aku ada jumpak beberapa gambar untuk dijadikan Wishlist 2012 aku and memang sangatlah bersesuaian dengan kehendak dan spesifikasi aku =)

ok..aku mengaku bahawa aku seorang pencinta gadget..tapi dalam masa-masa tertentu,memang tak dak masa and tak dak bajet pun nak beli semua gadget yang diidam-idamkan... iPhone 4s baru sahaja sampai Malaysia November lepas and dengar cerita Jun ni, iPhone 5 bakal dilancarkan pula,so agak-agak bulan 10 11 juga la nak sampai Malaysia, maka dengan itu, aku dah dapatkan untuk aku sendiri iPhone 4S =)

 sitcom ni merupakan salah satu sitcom yang paling best pernah aku tengok and dekat usm,among all of us memang HIMYM ni menjadi satu fenomena dan ikutan. yang paling best INTERVENTION session! entah bila la season dia nak tamat..dah tak larat nak ikot dah sebenarnya! tapi bila tengok balik dari season 1 rasa best balik!
 rollercoaster merupakan 1 1 nya game mencabar yang aku belum naik lagi dekat Genting Highland. permainan lain dekat Genting Highland semua aku dah cuba. Kenapa aku tak sempat nak main? sebab setiap kali aku pergi, asyik nak hujan/berkabus so diorang tak kasi naik ! while, games dekat pesta pulau pinang pun sama, smuanya aku dah khatamkan~
 dah 3tahun dekat usm,aku rasa memang aku kurang sikit bagi perhatian kat family, so aku rasa lepas ni aku nak pergi vacation puas-puas dengan family aku!
 wow! bungee jumping, sebelum ni aku tak pernah terfikir nak buat,tapi lepas tengok youtube, ada sorang tu dia main benda ni,aku rasa teruja sangat and it does menarik perhatian aku!
 pass final exam on June/2012 dan gradutes around August/September 2012! 
itu aim yang sebenar-benarnya!
 iyer! aku teringin sangat nak pergi Australia! Taiwan dan insyallah ke Mekah~

sekarang ni aku cuma drive Perodua Kancil kesayangan aku, tapi lepas ni insyallah aku akan tukar kereta baru, sekarang ni aku tengah aim nak dapatkan kereta apa dulu...