13 November 2009

the end of the first semester

it is the end of the semester.my very first semester in school of HBP, usm, penang...holiday for about month and i got something planned heading on to be done this semester break.

a relief from lots of work before i get into the second semester, getting busy back~

around the end of May, I registered into the USM to be part of the students here and many experienced gained and also increasing number of friends. but somehow, i still remember how miss i am to my fellow friend who study together in Kedah Matriculation College. Yup, we gonna make a reunion around the end of this month, but

12 November 2009

exam week

study week has end up
and exam week is up!

i got 5 papers total
- RMK 153 : Principles of Construction Economic
- RAG 161 : Building Construction 1
- RAG 132 : Introduction to Build Environment and Human Settlement
- SHE 101 : Hubungan Etnik
- RAG 121 : Environmental Scienc

those paper took me about a month to complete all
together with the study week, not a week but 2 weeks!
it gives me very2 enough time to study
but by the end of the study week and while tomorrow is having a paper
i am very lazy to review what i've read before

Luckily for the 2 past paper
i manage to complete it
and i think i did it and i am satisfied!
hey y i want to share this with u?
this is my first exam when i am in varsity program!~

08 November 2009


♫♪♫ I love you
You love me ♪
We are happy family ♫♪
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you
Dare you say you love me too~♪♫~

It has been a long time, I'm not updating my blog
Busy come around me
and FB succeed to pursue me to be always online it
It is study week and lots of madness can be seen
student here and there begins to think about what should they do to release tense
and me