25 December 2009

masih ada yang sayang!

ini gambar terbaru aku setelah sekian lama aku tak amik gambar...by the way, gambar nih pun bukan aku snap sendiri, kawan aku yang snap gambar nih, alih2 aku upload jer dalam facebook dan jugak kat blog buruk aku nih....banyak komen2 yang dah aku jangka aku dapat through facebook dari kawan yang jauh mahupun dekat...

15 December 2009

Seperti yang Ditakdirkan

Segala bermula dengan titikan
Yang mengukir pergerakan
Menongkah arus atau memecah badai
Dalam mengharungi cabaran kehidupan

Seperti yang ditakdirkan
Dalam diari kehidupan insan
Bermula dari yang putih bercorakan
Mempesonakan ataupun menjelekkan

13 November 2009

the end of the first semester

it is the end of the semester.my very first semester in school of HBP, usm, penang...holiday for about month and i got something planned heading on to be done this semester break.

a relief from lots of work before i get into the second semester, getting busy back~

around the end of May, I registered into the USM to be part of the students here and many experienced gained and also increasing number of friends. but somehow, i still remember how miss i am to my fellow friend who study together in Kedah Matriculation College. Yup, we gonna make a reunion around the end of this month, but

12 November 2009

exam week

study week has end up
and exam week is up!

i got 5 papers total
- RMK 153 : Principles of Construction Economic
- RAG 161 : Building Construction 1
- RAG 132 : Introduction to Build Environment and Human Settlement
- SHE 101 : Hubungan Etnik
- RAG 121 : Environmental Scienc

those paper took me about a month to complete all
together with the study week, not a week but 2 weeks!
it gives me very2 enough time to study
but by the end of the study week and while tomorrow is having a paper
i am very lazy to review what i've read before

Luckily for the 2 past paper
i manage to complete it
and i think i did it and i am satisfied!
hey y i want to share this with u?
this is my first exam when i am in varsity program!~

08 November 2009


♫♪♫ I love you
You love me ♪
We are happy family ♫♪
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you
Dare you say you love me too~♪♫~

It has been a long time, I'm not updating my blog
Busy come around me
and FB succeed to pursue me to be always online it
It is study week and lots of madness can be seen
student here and there begins to think about what should they do to release tense
and me

05 September 2009

that's not my name!

i am facing a problem here
actually, they are the one who have the problem
the problem is


19years ago
i got a name as Faiz
the simplest word i think, Faiz
Faiz bin Fuad

21 August 2009


it does sound stupid when we want something
but at the same time
we are trying to figure out
do we really want it?
are we sure we want it?

try to bang your head when something like that came across your mind
let say
im giving you a situation

18 August 2009

i remember them

the moment
that we share
the laugh that we gather in the hall
the chaos that we made
the flash that blinding our eyes
is the moment that i will never forget

evening stroll
that gather us
during evening session
spoke in every route
where we snap our life action
in the place that no one know before

14 August 2009

bee-sy nuss

really busy
and i love my course
make me appreciate the design of the building, environment and learn about the construction
it's totally alive!
everything that i done during my assignment
i did it with joy even though some day i thought my 'karya' looks silly, stupid and ugly

02 August 2009

just 1 post?

i just realized!
i post the only blog that i had in this page for once???
in a month?
that is totally showing me that im a busy man!
but somehow
i am busying updating for my studio blog
day by day
so many things that we need to upload
the studiomaster want this and that
if i was not busy with the posting in the other blog
i am busying conducting our new establish company
setup the web and what knot
and...the other thing that coming up next
we gonna be in the construction site!!!
we are about to build our first 'monument'

20 July 2009


I thought, when I am in a varsity, there would be no more drawing class, panting and sort of that - the one that I hate most when I was in a secondary school
But now, in HBP, for the first semester, I need to learn to draw and paint and also need to submit those of my works!
Above is my latest design...

Now, I need to suffer for the next coming 5 months, drawing and painting. After that, I will continue studying in my majoring here, Construction Management, learning about the economics and some other more..

watch out for the best damn thing!

30 June 2009

APEX ting tong THING

hey i am here
in one of the greatest university in Malaysia
and the only APEX statused university in Malaysia
ya. a lil bit show off
kinda huh?

23 June 2009

saya SAYANG ibu

to whom read this
no need to tell my IBU

i know
as long as i am being her son
i am not such a good son pun
ya i admit i am quite rude with her
but she's the one who'll be beside me whenever i need
looking her eyes when i'm so not in the mood would make me calm

13 June 2009

senyum is SMILE!

"muke kau,kalau org tak kenal kau lah,kau jatuh tepi jln pun jgn haraplah ada org nak angkat"

One of my friends did said to me that sentence.
That's among the opinions that I ever get from people around me
the latest one
Ily said to me "You punye muka garang r,tgk dlm gmbr pun dah tau,u tak reti senyum"

p/s : I am. I am the person with 1 face. No smiles.

I admit what you guys said to me
and i accept it
but i don't really care

my SAYANG felt from the TOP

it is true
my beloved phone felt
it breakes my heart

the story?
I was really in a rush mode
heading to Penang with my beloved sister
got something to do and handle there that need us to be there ASAP
then i get a call from my mom while i was about to go out

06 June 2009

boy's day out PART II

this story is being posted based on a true story
the same story that i heard when i was driving from Padang Kota Lama (Fort Cornwalis) to Penang Bridge heading back to Kulim

I do not mean to harm any of you buddy
but as i said in the car
im gonna blog this story

05 June 2009

boy's day out! VERSION old story

This is a kinda funny story to be shared with you
my friends and i were trap in a fucking traffic jam in Penang heading to Penang Bridge after a while hangout all around Penang...
it does really bored,driving in a traffic jam
driving manually sometime makes my leg cramp (but i dont tell u guys,hehe)
almost 2hours we we trap from Padang Kota Lama till Penang Bridge

03 June 2009

pantang larang melayu

i dont believe it at first
it just a normal thing
snaping pix with some of friends
mith be duo trio or in bunch of group

my nanny did said last time
it's is quite interesting to hear those thing
and seems that i dont believe her at all while she was trying to convince me

01 June 2009

do you belive in FATE?

have you ever seen this logo?

this is my destiny...
as i mentioned in my last post
i am totally die hard declining to further my study in this varsity
but if you did read it...clearly that i stated there the one i really dont want to go is USM, Engineering Campus situated in Nibong Tebal (actually,i was stated last time,it is situated in Transkrian)

Gladly said that the course that i was being offered has gain my interest, this is not SEMBANG KEDAI KOPI...

24 May 2009


for some and for all
and my dearest friends who know me better longer than others
i dont give a crap when people turn me down
put me aside
and i do know that for some ticking time
i do practice that too
u have ur own reasons for what u did
and i believe on what u did is good for yourself

my dearest friends who know me longer did mention to me
that they do know my behavior

21 May 2009

my next life...determined by ma dad?

what's my next life is college life!
specifically in a new place and not in a MATRICULATION program anymore
like i was facing last time in HEAVEN PLACE as KOLEJ MATRIKULASI KEDAH,changlun
not too insinuate the place but for me and be for some of you out there
you might deserve a better place

my next life?

last time when i was driving to taiping
going back to one of my HOMETOWNS

18 May 2009

They Come and They Go

when they think they should be with us
they would come
and if they think they dont
they wont
who r they?

nevertheless,i dont give that a crap at all
for the time being,i know who are my friends and who is my foe
but i cant simply judge them
and might there would be somebody would get a benefit from it

DO I CARE??? (langsung tak)
they could come and go,i would always be there to hold their hand and kick their ass
sounds rude HUH?
that would be only for them who being CURSED...


14 May 2009

'My Best Friend Iced Milo'

  • 1/4 of glass of boiled water
  • 3/4 of glass of plain water
  • 3 spoons of milo powder
  • 2 spoons of milk powder
  • 1 and a half spoon of sugar
  • Iced cube
  • Kettle
  • Glass
  • Spoon
  1. Combine the ingredients except the ice cube into a glass
  2. Pour 1/4 of hot boiled water into the glass
  3. Stir the mixture
  4. Pour the 3/4 of plain water into the glass
  5. Stir it until the mixture mix completely
  6. Prepare another glass full with iced cube
  7. Pour the prepare milo into the glass full with ice cube
  8. Now it is ready to be served. Enjoy!

Genting Highland

Last week i was in my holiday mood
i was in Genting Highland, Pahang, Malaysia to occupy my 3months holiday that would be my 2nd place of holiday after completing my matriculation prog. the 1st place where i enjoy my holiday is my hometown Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia I was from Kulim,Kedah,Malaysia and to get to Genting Highland, my friends and I need to go to Kuala Lumpur first because that is our gathering place...we should mee Mus and Baha before we go to Genting Highland on the next day...

1st day :
Ticket to Kuala Lumpur (Hentian Puduraya) : RM31

From Pudu to MidValley : Transportation on Mus (free) =p
Burger King as my Lunch : RM10.45

Monster Exhibition in MidValley Megamall : RM12 (adult)

Ticket KTM to Serdang from MidValley Megamall : RM1.50
Dinner at ANJUNG - Nasi Goreng Pattaya and Iced Tea : RM5.80
Total for the 1st day : RM60.75

10 May 2009


I did have my blog last time
but now i am back with a brand new fresh one
it's all about talking about my cycle of life
day by day
if i have a time then i will keep updating it
if you were last time reading my blog
lots of thing you would know about my past time in high school and college
but now, i will talk about in wider spec of contents
we will see...yah