30 June 2009

APEX ting tong THING

hey i am here
in one of the greatest university in Malaysia
and the only APEX statused university in Malaysia
ya. a lil bit show off
kinda huh?

i was admit here
last saturday
the 27 of June 2009
and officially be a student of USM 3 days after admitting
we had a short orientation only by the way

although it is a short orientation...
but make everybody feel tired
especially who stayed in Kompleks RST
R = Restu, T = Tekun and S = Saujana
luckily I got the nearest one to the entrance of the varsity which is Tekun
tp nak tercabut kaki jugak lah...
walking from my apartment to School of Housing,Building and Planning
located in one of the USM entrance which is it has 3 main doors...
for the time being I just found 3 main doors
and walking day by day
for everyday
in 3days
we walk to DTSP
stands for Dewan Tunku Syed Putra

the FOOD!
murah gila
if I was in KMK
secawan teh ais bernilai RM1.00
but here in Tekun's Cafe I can have it for only RM0.80
sumpah MURAH!
then for a day
I could spend for my meals about rm6-8 only not like in KMK which is situated in Changloon,Kedah cost me about RM10-15 per day
I can save more...

we need to walk
if we dont want to take a bus
but during the time being
the KOMUTER (bas dlm usm)
has still not begin its operation
waiting for my Scooter
to be brought to my apartment
that would make me more
comfortable and easier to travel anywhere and anytime I want

and then KAWAN?
got lots
the one that i only met here
within three days
my friends are
HADRI,KHAIROOL,AM,ZUL 1,ZUL 2,SHAHIR,FAZLI,PIDOT,AKMAL,HASRI (the gila2 sia one),MIA,IKHWAN,WALID,NITA pastu petang tadi aku baru kenal sorg lg mamat stay at AMAN DAMAI named AHLU,kinda big guy and happy go lucky
best sengal!

for the time being
i need to enjoy
i'm gonna be Hantu Balik Pagi completely


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