01 June 2009

do you belive in FATE?

have you ever seen this logo?

this is my destiny...
as i mentioned in my last post
i am totally die hard declining to further my study in this varsity
but if you did read it...clearly that i stated there the one i really dont want to go is USM, Engineering Campus situated in Nibong Tebal (actually,i was stated last time,it is situated in Transkrian)

Gladly said that the course that i was being offered has gain my interest, this is not SEMBANG KEDAI KOPI...

Frankly speaking that when i knew that USM has announced the name who are being offered to further their study there, i wish my name is not going to be listed

My friend from Selayang was texting me,asking whether i manage to be in USM or not while i was driving on the Penang Bridge heading to my hometown due to kenduri and that make me quite shock (dont know y)

then i text my friend - Najiah to check for me,and she replied me "Congratulation! Project Management,3yrs degree". in my head : DAMN IT!

for the whole day,while driving all around the island,i was only thinking whether to accept or reject it

SUDDENLY,my phone ringing - it was ABAH
"My friend son got USM,how about you? Have you checked?"
Spontaneously i replied "Project Management,3yrs degree,bukit minden"

Abah seems confuse,he thought i am going to further my study in engineering field which is the campus is situated in Nibong Tebal then replied to me "Just accept it,if you wanna change your course,we talk about it later"

i cant sleep on that night because i just got 24hours to make my decision.


if i rejected it
and other varsities offering me
but the offer wasnt the course that i applied
that would make me more regret
rather than Project Management : my 3rd choice...


i am away from my hometown
it is my time to be near to my hometown
love Pulau Pinang

hari raya?
i can always be home on time

penang could give you excitement also
for better excitement
just fly to KL
better than my LAST LOCATION...

car? i dont need that much
asking for a car from my dad is just a gimic if i accept Engineering Campus,Nibong Tebal
Lot of friends all around Pulau Pinang
and my cousins too
they could fetch me UP
if not : CAB would be always there

this is not my final decision...
it is my 1st option now
who know
there would be a better offer coming?
just wait and see KOT!

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  1. hahaha~
    but i rse u cm excited je nk msk USM skang!