06 June 2009

boy's day out PART II

this story is being posted based on a true story
the same story that i heard when i was driving from Padang Kota Lama (Fort Cornwalis) to Penang Bridge heading back to Kulim

I do not mean to harm any of you buddy
but as i said in the car
im gonna blog this story

it is about Mr Tikus - The Red Panties!
this story is being told by Mat Top
Mr Tikus former classmate while they were in the same class in a secondary school
it happens in the evening
while they were in Form 1 or Form 2 (Mat Top didnt remember that)

Puan Noraini entered the class and announce that she's going to conduct a Math Quiz
1of their classmate Encik Bean yelled!
Bau busuk apa nih?
but none of them take it as a big matter
the math quiz is the prior
but there's someone who is suddenly stand up
it was : Mr Tikus!!!!
he went to the Puan Noraini's place and ask for permission to go to the toilet
half an hour later
Mr Tikus still didnt show his shadow

an hour later
after the quiz had finish
Mr Tikus went back to the class to continue his study
by that time
nobody was asking him
where has he gone for the past 1 hour

the day after that
Mat Top ask him whether he has done his math quiz
and Mr Tikus replied that he has done it with Puan Noraini in the library
but somehow
Mat Top smells fishy about Mr Tikus
he's so unsatisfied with the answer

Encik Bean and Mat Top want to investigate it
the 1st place that made their investigation is boys toilet at the HEP building
it is the favourite toilet for them
because it is far away from the class
and this would make them take their time to enter back their class
they found - THE RED PANTIES in 1of the toilet
their 1st testimonial - it belongs to Mr Tikus
their hypothesis - Mr Tikus cirit dlm seluar
their actions?

after that,they went to the cubical
met Puan Noraini
being a such busy body there
they ask Puan Noraini whether Mr Tikus has done with his math quiz
Puan Noraini replied "No!"
and the ask
"He said that he has taken it in the library while you were there..." berkata Mat Top
"No he's not!"
their hypothesis and testi is about to be true

they meet Mr Tikus in the class
asking lot of Qs
mcm polis!
but at the end
they still cant prove that the red panties belongs to Mr Tikus
but they do strongly believed that it belongs to Mr Tikus!.....
nobody know about the true story
till end of secondary school
the mystery is still there
and Mat Top said "one day,he will make Mr Tikus admit it!"
itu janji Mat Top!