05 June 2009

boy's day out! VERSION old story

This is a kinda funny story to be shared with you
my friends and i were trap in a fucking traffic jam in Penang heading to Penang Bridge after a while hangout all around Penang...
it does really bored,driving in a traffic jam
driving manually sometime makes my leg cramp (but i dont tell u guys,hehe)
almost 2hours we we trap from Padang Kota Lama till Penang Bridge

due to the boredom
lots of story has been shared
but most of them is about the 2 of us
who are used to be in the same primary school
that has make some enjoyment even though that damn traffic jam could make me a lil bit ELMO-TIONAL

this is the story of the other guy in the car
who is in the same primary school
and the same class
with the guy who left his red panties in the toilet while he was in secondary school

the story began when Mr Tikus spoke
"i am still remember when i was in primary school,there was a guy who stuck in the toilet"
argh,ikan aku mati! - mirul took the attention to his fish that he bought at Rope Walk Penang

then the story continued
from the early evening till the recess period
the guy stuck in the toilet
lots of his friends went to the toilet and get back to the class while yelling
"tuuuttt cirit" they kept repeating it till the guy who is concern
and also hold a title prefect at the school heard it

im going to give a nickname now
the person who is in the toilet is Encik Style
and the prefect is Mr Tikus

Mr Tikus knock the door
"Encik Style! Hang cirit ka?"
and Encik Style replied
"Mr Tikus! Tepon abang aku suruh bawak seluaq!"


due to his concerning
he called the abang to bring the trousers to the school
Encik Style berkata at that time
he felt that he dont want to go to school anymore
he wants to quit
because everybody knew about the toilet story
but Mr Tikus has gives him some spirit to continue his life in that school
he will protect him

till yesterday
Encik Style feel so appreciate with Mr Tikus
but yesterday also
his appreciation has gone because Mr Tikus has told the whole car about his story

and yesterday
also Encik Style has revealed his secret
he was about to BERAK but the poo has jatuh sekelepok at his shoes
then he was trying to was it out
and success
but when he is about to wear his trousers
his trousers fall on the floor
which make some part has been 'infected'
that has cause him to be traped in the toilet for a long time.........................................................

to be continued


  1. ni pun sempoi beb..haha

  2. ahahahah this one is sooo dem funny. sumpah. kelakar. part yang sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga tu.