23 June 2009

saya SAYANG ibu

to whom read this
no need to tell my IBU

i know
as long as i am being her son
i am not such a good son pun
ya i admit i am quite rude with her
but she's the one who'll be beside me whenever i need
looking her eyes when i'm so not in the mood would make me calm

i spend a lot of my time with her
such a quality time i guess...
she works today
and fasting
she called me when i was on my Scooter
kat area2 pekan
she asking me some stuff for her to cook for break her fasting

as i get back
she's at the garden
playing with the pokok2 yang hidup segan mati tak mau
then she came to me
took the stuff
i don't know
i felt so calm to be with her

she ask me to be in the kitchen
watching her cooking
"kena tgk mcna nak masak semua2 nih,benda simple,senang nak masak,nanti dok jauh nak masak sndiri senang"
then i accompany her
pour some water
wash the rice
cook it

and then we have a stroll on the night
talking dr hati ke hati

kinda lots of stuff after that...
and i got a PRESENT!
agak mengejutkan
i cant believe that she could believe on me
via giving me that thingy

but i am grateful
and i know how I LOVE IBU SO MUCH

no matter what i do
maybe it shows my provocation
but deep deep inside i LOVE u
you know
i will always ask for your forgiveness if i made a mistake...
it is because i LOVE you
and i never really meant to break your feelings
you r my friends who is always understands me


kak aku rindu kat hang lah!


  1. wah...
    aku x tau la plak ank ni anak yg bleh dkatakn baik la gak kn???
    huhuhu....agak touching la...kagumnya aku baca...aku pun sayang mak aku!!!!