03 June 2009

pantang larang melayu

i dont believe it at first
it just a normal thing
snaping pix with some of friends
mith be duo trio or in bunch of group

my nanny did said last time
it's is quite interesting to hear those thing
and seems that i dont believe her at all while she was trying to convince me

1. Do not sing in the kitchen (specially created for girls)
2. Do not sit on the pillow that u use to sleep
3. Do not take a snap of photo in trio mode
and some other more

past few years
i've and did take a photo in trio mode
well for me it first
doesnt seem any problem with that
and then some how
i realize lately
that the friendship between the tree of us is not as like before

jangan percaya benda2 karut...
some people would say that
but it did happen to me
maybe it is due to our distance that cause us for not to be close as before
that would be a possibility
but the thing is
im started to believe on PANTANG LARANG MELAYU


  1. oh.
    tau xpe.
    u should believe dat.
    i pn dh kne.
    now,kteorg dh xrapat cm dlu.
    sedey gler!

  2. they are all bullshit to me.. no matter what..
    i dont even believe in nasib..
    life is about choices. get that?
    we choose our own path, our own destiny.
    pantang org tu2 were created to stop us kids from behaving badly.
    all crap.