13 June 2009

my SAYANG felt from the TOP

it is true
my beloved phone felt
it breakes my heart

the story?
I was really in a rush mode
heading to Penang with my beloved sister
got something to do and handle there that need us to be there ASAP
then i get a call from my mom while i was about to go out

after that i put my phone on top of my car rooftop
left it there
went to the gate
open the gate
and get onto the car
holding the steering tightly with my left hand
while the right hand holding a rubbish to be thrown into the main dustbin by the roadside
get into the MAIN ROAD
something was fell down
i can see it
"woih benda apa tuh?" ask to my sis
"ntah" she replied
i thought i had hit something that could harm my car
i look back through the mirrors
something was bouncing about half of my car's height
i just let it be without turning back

went to the ATM
withdraw some cash
went to the Shell Petrol Station
get my car fuel for $30
and trying to reach my phone
to text my mum
telling her that I am going out
nothing in my pocket
it just my wallet
then i realize

damn it!

get back to the roadside
park my car
and run through the roadside
there was nothing there
my phone has gone
my other phone ringing
incoming call - IBU
"you dropped your phone? i called u just now someone else pick up the phone and told me that she found it"
luckily my mom didn't thoroughly scold me
she seems so cool
ya, the phone is not hers
not even using her money,if it does
mati aku!

then I used my other phone
i called the 019519****
then the small voice pick up
her voice is really nice
she said - "hum,handphone jatuh ek? dtg rumah kat Taman Selasih,amik kat rumah"
she gave me the address and i drove
60km/h in housing estate
bodoh gila
langgar anak org tak pasal
i went every route
searching for a house numbered as 3230
found it
get into the house
bagi salam
met the owner and the girl
the girl said her brother found it
nothing else i could done
except saying thank you very very much
then i open my wallet
50 bucks left
i just gave it to him

the most important thing
even though my SAYANG dah jatuh punya tinggi
jatuh lompat2
nothing was happening to it
this is because of my BLACK HARD COVER
specially build for my phone
and i am glad it is in good condition
not even a scratch!!!

the moral values : dont be careless
and the lesson that i got : jgn ambil hak orang

and what makes me so shock
they are so sincere
they give back my phone
ada lagi orang yang jujur zaman2 mcni...
thank god



  1. "then I used my other phone - the one if i loss it, it just cost me $100 (bapak bongkak gila aku! sorry)"

    "50bucks,is nothing much compared to the phone that i bought"

    "this is because of my BLACK HARD COVER
    specially build for my phone"

    Show offs! lol xD

  2. loh..
    x perlu smpai nk edit blik...
    lol xD

  3. good u found it back. kalau tak have to call ur maxis.