30 June 2009

APEX ting tong THING

hey i am here
in one of the greatest university in Malaysia
and the only APEX statused university in Malaysia
ya. a lil bit show off
kinda huh?

23 June 2009

saya SAYANG ibu

to whom read this
no need to tell my IBU

i know
as long as i am being her son
i am not such a good son pun
ya i admit i am quite rude with her
but she's the one who'll be beside me whenever i need
looking her eyes when i'm so not in the mood would make me calm

13 June 2009

senyum is SMILE!

"muke kau,kalau org tak kenal kau lah,kau jatuh tepi jln pun jgn haraplah ada org nak angkat"

One of my friends did said to me that sentence.
That's among the opinions that I ever get from people around me
the latest one
Ily said to me "You punye muka garang r,tgk dlm gmbr pun dah tau,u tak reti senyum"

p/s : I am. I am the person with 1 face. No smiles.

I admit what you guys said to me
and i accept it
but i don't really care

my SAYANG felt from the TOP

it is true
my beloved phone felt
it breakes my heart

the story?
I was really in a rush mode
heading to Penang with my beloved sister
got something to do and handle there that need us to be there ASAP
then i get a call from my mom while i was about to go out

06 June 2009

boy's day out PART II

this story is being posted based on a true story
the same story that i heard when i was driving from Padang Kota Lama (Fort Cornwalis) to Penang Bridge heading back to Kulim

I do not mean to harm any of you buddy
but as i said in the car
im gonna blog this story

05 June 2009

boy's day out! VERSION old story

This is a kinda funny story to be shared with you
my friends and i were trap in a fucking traffic jam in Penang heading to Penang Bridge after a while hangout all around Penang...
it does really bored,driving in a traffic jam
driving manually sometime makes my leg cramp (but i dont tell u guys,hehe)
almost 2hours we we trap from Padang Kota Lama till Penang Bridge

03 June 2009

pantang larang melayu

i dont believe it at first
it just a normal thing
snaping pix with some of friends
mith be duo trio or in bunch of group

my nanny did said last time
it's is quite interesting to hear those thing
and seems that i dont believe her at all while she was trying to convince me

01 June 2009

do you belive in FATE?

have you ever seen this logo?

this is my destiny...
as i mentioned in my last post
i am totally die hard declining to further my study in this varsity
but if you did read it...clearly that i stated there the one i really dont want to go is USM, Engineering Campus situated in Nibong Tebal (actually,i was stated last time,it is situated in Transkrian)

Gladly said that the course that i was being offered has gain my interest, this is not SEMBANG KEDAI KOPI...