21 August 2009


it does sound stupid when we want something
but at the same time
we are trying to figure out
do we really want it?
are we sure we want it?

try to bang your head when something like that came across your mind
let say
im giving you a situation

18 August 2009

i remember them

the moment
that we share
the laugh that we gather in the hall
the chaos that we made
the flash that blinding our eyes
is the moment that i will never forget

evening stroll
that gather us
during evening session
spoke in every route
where we snap our life action
in the place that no one know before

14 August 2009

bee-sy nuss

really busy
and i love my course
make me appreciate the design of the building, environment and learn about the construction
it's totally alive!
everything that i done during my assignment
i did it with joy even though some day i thought my 'karya' looks silly, stupid and ugly

02 August 2009

just 1 post?

i just realized!
i post the only blog that i had in this page for once???
in a month?
that is totally showing me that im a busy man!
but somehow
i am busying updating for my studio blog
day by day
so many things that we need to upload
the studiomaster want this and that
if i was not busy with the posting in the other blog
i am busying conducting our new establish company
setup the web and what knot
and...the other thing that coming up next
we gonna be in the construction site!!!
we are about to build our first 'monument'