21 August 2009


it does sound stupid when we want something
but at the same time
we are trying to figure out
do we really want it?
are we sure we want it?

try to bang your head when something like that came across your mind
let say
im giving you a situation

you are having a skill in drawing
you may express your skills via sketches
using 60cents pencil
or you might want a full set of pencils that may help you in sketching/drawing that cost you less
or might be a tablet that might cost you higher
but what is in your mind is
do you really need a tablet as you would use just pencil?
tablet - portable
pencil - pencil + drawing block + case might be

it is between using a more forward thinggy that may be used up in your drawing field
or just using pencil
but somehow,still you may also express your drawing....

what would you say?

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