14 August 2009

bee-sy nuss

really busy
and i love my course
make me appreciate the design of the building, environment and learn about the construction
it's totally alive!
everything that i done during my assignment
i did it with joy even though some day i thought my 'karya' looks silly, stupid and ugly

but some of my friends said 'good job dude'
my latest is obelisk
my group work
we did a best job
it last for more than 4 days in sunny and rainy day...
thank god!
hope we will be the group that is going to make exhibition in Time Square Penang

btw, Gene-Harn ask me to join his appointing idea to the varsity
it kind a big thing to be done
and interesting too
we gonna have a budget later on if our idea is being accepted!
best of luck for me

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