24 May 2009


for some and for all
and my dearest friends who know me better longer than others
i dont give a crap when people turn me down
put me aside
and i do know that for some ticking time
i do practice that too
u have ur own reasons for what u did
and i believe on what u did is good for yourself

my dearest friends who know me longer did mention to me
that they do know my behavior

and i know that i have a bad habit
and they do also knew about it
they never take it as a big matter
hey u will know,who i am
as u know me for longer time
u'll be so immune with my sarcastic actions
and that is me
without sarcastic behavior it is so not me

for ladies that i care
and i am no sorry for the bad words
if i spoke it
i do meant it
sincerely from my heart
if i dont mean it
i'll tell u that i dont mean it
and i hate explanation
it makes me suffocating
however in breathless
and some ticking time, i will still give some explaination
if i think i should
but it rarely happen

i hate it too
because i less care for people who feel that towards me
and i feel no loss
i know it's not good
but i never care
it makes me gasping to persuade people
and i realize that many of my friends out there
do feel such thing towards me now
but what am i gonna do
just let you be
with your feelings
and when that FEELINGS had go far from you
you may turn to me
but if you dont
there's nothing much trouble for me

i love you
when i said i love you
i do meant that i love you
u colored my life
the laugh/smile when i am with u
is the sincere laugh/smile
i dont know how to explain
but each of u
are precious to me
but if i lost you
i dont think it such a big lost
that is why i said "SORRY BUT NO SORRY"
my dearest friends who knew me for a longer time
i LOVE you

read it
and feel it
it does
from my heart

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