21 May 2009

my next life...determined by ma dad?

what's my next life is college life!
specifically in a new place and not in a MATRICULATION program anymore
like i was facing last time in HEAVEN PLACE as KOLEJ MATRIKULASI KEDAH,changlun
not too insinuate the place but for me and be for some of you out there
you might deserve a better place

my next life?

last time when i was driving to taiping
going back to one of my HOMETOWNS

my dad said that
"YOU SHOULD GET USED WITH THIS PLACE,I WANT YOU TO BE IN USM TO FURTHER YOUR STUDY" pointing the signboard university sains malaysia

and then i just figure it out
if my campus was in Bukit Minden in totally inside the pulau pinang i wouldnt so mind about it
but somehow
my campus
engineering campus
situated in someplace called as Transkrian and im not sure whether it is in Perak or Penang
but what do i figure in my mind
i dont want to be in such of this place anymore for some reasons that i think i should

1. i need some AIR! flying in the CLUBS give me enough AIR
2. i dont want to be in cage...for such of that place,it would make me feel im being underground
bcos i failed to find excitement,even i could hangout by myself : listening to my mp3, reading
entire collection of my books
3. i need a car to tarvel far from that PLACE so dat i could find excitement

then, i said to my father,in order to decline his dream seeing me in USM tRANSKRIAN (what a big name!)...through what i said,with softspoken

"ABAH, gladly this campus is just an hour from our house,then i think it is better for me not to stay in a hostel or rent a house nearby. what if you get me a CAR so dat i could travel ??

i didnt mean to ask for a car actually, doesnt have a car for the time being is not big deal...my intention is to clearly decline my dad 'proposal'
damn! what if he really buy me a car, and i need to be in USM?
fug it

result for USM would be announced 1st followed by UPU...

if this is the fate of my life..? what did my dad said i need to follow? i want to be in a place, far from my home, might be JOhor?
wish me for UTM

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