18 May 2009

They Come and They Go

when they think they should be with us
they would come
and if they think they dont
they wont
who r they?

nevertheless,i dont give that a crap at all
for the time being,i know who are my friends and who is my foe
but i cant simply judge them
and might there would be somebody would get a benefit from it

DO I CARE??? (langsung tak)
they could come and go,i would always be there to hold their hand and kick their ass
sounds rude HUH?
that would be only for them who being CURSED...


1 comment :

  1. yeah.knwing as well x semestinya friends. word of friends maksud dia mendalam. a person who willing to be with us susah o senang. by the end, they would left us bila susah. that not friends. to foends.haha