14 May 2009

Genting Highland

Last week i was in my holiday mood
i was in Genting Highland, Pahang, Malaysia to occupy my 3months holiday that would be my 2nd place of holiday after completing my matriculation prog. the 1st place where i enjoy my holiday is my hometown Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia I was from Kulim,Kedah,Malaysia and to get to Genting Highland, my friends and I need to go to Kuala Lumpur first because that is our gathering place...we should mee Mus and Baha before we go to Genting Highland on the next day...

1st day :
Ticket to Kuala Lumpur (Hentian Puduraya) : RM31

From Pudu to MidValley : Transportation on Mus (free) =p
Burger King as my Lunch : RM10.45

Monster Exhibition in MidValley Megamall : RM12 (adult)

Ticket KTM to Serdang from MidValley Megamall : RM1.50
Dinner at ANJUNG - Nasi Goreng Pattaya and Iced Tea : RM5.80
Total for the 1st day : RM60.75

We spent the nite at Mus' House and we depart to Pekeliling to get a bus to Genting Highland at around 6.45am from Mus' House situated at Equines

2nd day:

Bus ticket to Genting Highland from Pekeliling : RM5
Breakfast (Nasi Lemak and Kuih Muih + Teh Tarik+Mineral Water) : RM5

Check in to First World Hotel : RM28 per head (RM140 for 1room)

Outdoor Theme Park : RM38

Lunch at McDonald : RM18.64

Flying Coaster : RM10

McFlurry : RM6.30

Dinner at KFC (Chicken Rice + Cheesy Wedges) : RM16
Hangout at Starbuck - Solo Espresso : RM6.30
Total for the Day : RM133.24

3rd day :
Breakfast at MarryBrown (Nasi Lemak BF SET) : RM10.40
Souvenir : RM7.90
Ticket (Bus) from Genting Highland to Pekeliling + LRT to Sungai Besi : RM7.60

Lunch at McDonald Sungai Wang (McValue) : RM5.95
Dinner at Ampang Char Koey Teaw with Faiq and Faqeer : Rm7

Total for the day : RM38.85

Instead of going to Mus' House I asked Faiq to go out around Bukit Bintang and we do spend a lot taking the LRT Putra etc. and watching movie at Berjaya Times Square - Star Treck. I spend the nite at his house (Free) haha

My Breakast for that day is some sort called as LAKSE by Kelantanese...sorry aunt I can't finish it,maybe im not use to it

4th day:
Petrol for Faiq's Red Kancil : RM20 (purposely bubuh banyak because he refuse to take money for the wayang and tiket LRT that he paid first due to my lack of duit kecik)
LRT from Setiawangsa to Pasar Seni : RM 5 for 2 persons
Bus Ticket from Puduraya to Butterworth : RM31 (Konsortium Bus Ekspress)
Total for the day : Rm56

U learn maths rite? PANDAI2LAH

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