13 November 2009

the end of the first semester

it is the end of the semester.my very first semester in school of HBP, usm, penang...holiday for about month and i got something planned heading on to be done this semester break.

a relief from lots of work before i get into the second semester, getting busy back~

around the end of May, I registered into the USM to be part of the students here and many experienced gained and also increasing number of friends. but somehow, i still remember how miss i am to my fellow friend who study together in Kedah Matriculation College. Yup, we gonna make a reunion around the end of this month, but
im still not sure whether i am about to join them or not because my friend used to be Account student while me as a Physics students who get long with them and as this event - the reunion is specially make for the account student, im a little bit feel awkward even though im quite good with them.

yap,talking about experienced especially about the friends about love and about work
still it sucks sometimes but sometimes it is great to have them all around
but i never think that i will have such of that many friends and im being so honored to be with them
well, it sucks when something happen and it greats with something happen
this is what life is all about
we cannot escape from it, definitely

moving forward in life is the only way to make us not to think about what happen during the past
and the past should be remembered as a history and experienced by not repeating it
as what had been quoted by the historian, if you never learn about the history, you will repeat the history

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