12 November 2009

exam week

study week has end up
and exam week is up!

i got 5 papers total
- RMK 153 : Principles of Construction Economic
- RAG 161 : Building Construction 1
- RAG 132 : Introduction to Build Environment and Human Settlement
- SHE 101 : Hubungan Etnik
- RAG 121 : Environmental Scienc

those paper took me about a month to complete all
together with the study week, not a week but 2 weeks!
it gives me very2 enough time to study
but by the end of the study week and while tomorrow is having a paper
i am very lazy to review what i've read before

Luckily for the 2 past paper
i manage to complete it
and i think i did it and i am satisfied!
hey y i want to share this with u?
this is my first exam when i am in varsity program!~

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