20 January 2012

Fred'sDesire : The Car

I believe that everybody want a car and they dream to have a good car that will surely impress people on them and so do I, please don't be hypocrite to say that you don't have your dream car, at least, the one that you can afford to. After I am graduating from my driving school, my first dream car is Nissan Sunny 130Y, because by that time, the price for second hand car is around RM5,000 and I believe by that time I can afford to buy it, but my mother did not allow me to have it because it is an old car that will surely cause trouble in the future with its engine and its performance. Then for about one a half year, I use my dad car, PROTON Wira and last year, I bought a car at last with my own money for about RM8,000 its a PERODUA Kancil.

In a few months in the future, I'll be graduating from  USM, and I was really hope that I might get a new car for my daily usage when I am working. From the ranking listed THE MOST DEMANDING CAR in Malaysia, PERODUA Myvi is the model that be in the first ranking, but however, for me, it still did not comply with my requirement and my need! Even the shape and design for me, it looks so awkward from the very beginning this model is being launched. Its so not into me. For me, frankly speaking, in my opinion, most people who get PERODUA Myvi as their car were expecting that their car is sort of in the same league of HONDA Civic, TOYOTA Camry, or might be MITSUBISHI Lancer! If you don't believe or disagree with my opinion, just make your own observation on the road especially on the highway. Which car speed up most of the time? For car with high performance, it is normal, but for that kind of car, I don't think it such a comparable. I might get one PERODUA Myvi perhaps if my budget to own a car is not high, but that people perceptions on the owner of every each Myvi will always be remembered. Hope there would be no offense from the owner of PERODU Myvi.

Out of several model launch by PROTON, this PROTON Satria Neo is somehow had attract me much! The sporty design and head lamp do really attract me. Unfortunately, this car is a kind of coupe car which only have two doors. That is the only problem that make me to say NAAA... but somehow, this car is still in my list dream car.

PROTON Satria Neo
RM79, 790 (1.6)
RM60,763 (1.6) CPS

If you guys were expecting to have an imported car as your first car, I think this model is really suit us. With its good performance and heard that it also fuel efficiency car, I think, this car would be worth though.

TOYOTA Vios (TRD Sportivo)
RM91,204 (1.5)
RM75,294 (1.5)

Nice sporty hatchback car! Its in my list also, but sadly, this compact car with little space is just too expensive for me!

HONDA Jazz (1.5)
RM109,800 (1.5)

A very competitive model to the one that I dream - TOYOTA Vios. HONDA City comes with a sophisticated design which being implemented in the other two latest model from HONDA - the HONDA Insight Hybrid Car and HONDA CRZ

HONDA City (1.5)

This 4WD car that come with white variant is really sexy!


What can I say? This is the very first car that attract me even before I have my driving license! While my friend and I hangout somewhere, we first found this car and both of us targeting to have this car soon, mine in red while his in white! One day, I'm going to drive this car likeabawse!

MAZDA RX8 (1.3)

Sexy! That's all I can say, but it's way too much expensive and I don't think this car is worth to buy unless you are billionaire / trillionaire! Haha

BMW X6 (4.4)

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