24 January 2012

Fred'sTech: Samsung Galaxy S2 VS iPhone 4S

I have been using both of these masterpiece - the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Apple iPhone 4S which I have used Samsung Galaxy S2 for about 5 months and Apple iPhone 4s just for about 3 months and I am surely can compare and contrast the general performance of both smartphone but first, let us check out both specifications!

From my experience, most of people will ask, which smartphone will offer you more satisfaction? Generally for me, definitely the Samsung Galaxy S2 because the wider screen, even it is hard for us to use just one hand to type message or update status of Twitter or Facebook, for me that is what the use of QWERTY pad, the fully usage of two hands rather than just one hand which we used before this for the candy bar what-so-ever. The AMOLED Screen Display is way more give you satisfactory and because of that apart from the factor which it has dual core processor, the battery drain! It is such a highly usage battery consumption for a smartphone and that might not be the factor for you guys out there to feel satisfy with it, I truly believe in that.

In term of speed, I don't see any much difference between Samsung Galaxy S2 and Apple iPhone 4S, it both perform well in term of speed. But bear in mind! Both phone will release heat and that will cause your smartphone to feel hot while you are gaming or surfing. Compared to both phone, Samsung Galaxy S2 will be more hotter than the iPhone 4S and it is more frequent and faster to get hot compared to Apple iPhone 4S. If your Samsung Galaxy S2 have a battery percentage below 20% and you still keep using it, you will feel the body turns hot and if by that time you receive call, you can't even place your phone right to your cheek. Even Apple iPhone 4S is also having such a problem faced by the Samsung Galaxy S2, however this problem seems not too serious, the heat release is just affection the back side and not the front side and the degree of heat is much more lower than the one produce by the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The Apple iPhone 4S is having much better battery life compare to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and it even take less time to charge fully 100%. Full experiment regarding this matter has not been conducted yet by me but in my daily observation since I am using these two smartphones, I can see the difference of battery usage and also the time taken for those two to fully charge both smartphones.

OK, if Samsung Galaxy S2 are facing so much problem, aren't Apple iPhone 4S is not even facing any problem? Since I am using it past 3 months previously, sincerely, I don't even face any major problem but just a few difficulties in handling this Apple iPhone 4S. It just because of its exclusivity, a few simple operation turns to be a little bit difficult such as making the mp3 song into your ringtone and transfering of photo etc which is fully conducted via iTunes. However, for those who are using Macbook and running the latest iOS 5, I am pretty sure that the iCloud app would be very handful for you guys. But not to forget, the iCloud-alike is actually has been adapted in the Samsung Technology which it use an application known as Kies Air and it is actually being introduced first by Samsung then only the iCloud is being launched by the Apple Inc in their iPhone 4S =)

However, for the time being, I am still satisfy with the performance of both smartphone. Both have its own X-factor and it depends on people to judge it.

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