12 November 2010

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People nowadays are too excited with new gadget - phones such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android and other sophisticated model phone. As I've gone through list of my handphones that I used at the a few years back, it makes me need to think twice about the necessity of having cool gadget and phones as the thing that need to be owned by me. So of us might
think about a GADGET is a trend and it needs to be followed. My mom did told me, a phone, as long as it can make a call/receive a text message then it would be fine as that is the basic or the natural thing about phone. Nevertheless, as we can see now, phone are getting evolve from one era to another where phone is not just a gadget that allow to make/receive call and text message, it even allows us to take photo and video with it.Plus, it also act as a replacement for computers as it can send email and surf the internet.

Here, I've listed all of the phones that I've been using from the past till the present. Many reasons why I change my phone..

Ericsson T28 (not Sony Ericsson)
The very first phone , used when I was in Standard 5, 11 years old.
Mine is purple and my mom is yellow.

Nokia 3310
A present from my mom for my achievement on UPSR, get it when I'm in Form 1.

Nokia 8250
My mom's phone, use it during the end of my Form 2, my mom change her phone and I used her phone, much more smaller. Behind of this phone lay Fasha Sandha's signature, get it during the launching of Shhh...! (SH3) film in Pacific Megamall Penang.

Motorola C650
A present from my mom for my PMR achievement. Nokia N-gage is the competitors when I was about to choose this phone.

Nokia 6630
A present from Angah for my SPM achievement!

Nokia N95 8GB
Bought it during my matriculation programme. My friend and I were planning to buy same phone but we end up buying different phones. This phone did lost once but manage to get it back!

Sony Ericsson G705
Because of Nokia N95 8GB is too big, even its so cool, but it so corporate phone and not that kind of teenage phone, so I hand in this phone to my mom for her to use it as by that time, she lost her phone in one restaurant.

Nokia 2730 Classic
A loss phone - use it for 2 months only!!!
Samsung E1080
My current phone.

All of this phone still in my house, never trade them for a new phone, but the Nokia 2730 Classic, it lost and cannot be found.

The climax of my phone usage is Nokia N95 8GB and then it's lowering down. Why, because I'm not that much satisfied with phones today. T28 can still be used even when it is inside my pocket in Bukit Merah Laketown Resort when I played with all water splashing stuff. Nokia 3310 still functioning even we have gone through lake crossing during my Scout Jamboree. But as the technology getting too much sophisticated, the quality of the phone is getting lower.

FYI, I was planning to buy a new phone. 3 options,
i) Blackberry Bold
ii) Samsung Corby
iii) iPhone

but it seems that these 3 phones could not gain my satisfaction yet. plus, with my carelessness habit, an expensive phone would make me have a huge lost if something is happening to the phone. Lost / Broken down ...


  1. get Bold 2/Bold 3.
    trust me ;)

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