26 October 2010


[based on my previous post and previous2 posts that I've posted months ago]

I am now, 20 years old and what can I say now is, I realise that I've change.
it would be ridiculous right if you are saying that you are realising your changes but somehow this is what i am going through now. Perhaps, i am digesting my mom's advices before this.

many advices have i received from people around me especially my mom and my friends.
my mom always stress me about, KEEP SMILING!! and always say number 3, because as you say THREE ... you would be looking like say CHEESE and that would cause your lip looks like smiling... haha, thanks Ibu, i've practiced it and it works.

my mom

If your ever read my previous post titled 'SENYUM', perhaps you would knowing more about how i was before this - the 1 face. and many opinion have been given by my friends about that...

and i am a hot tempered person during my high school, dont ever make a mistake towards me, you would receive thousands of bad words from me... ha ha... seriously i get angry easily last time, but now, rather that angry, i would prefer some tolerance..
P/S : dont ever teasing me when i am HANGRY! (hungry + angry) ..

both are the two elements that build Faiz Fuad last time, but now, it has change.

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