27 January 2010

end of january

why people keep hoping that I am a pemurah person...
bagi duit sana sini

ok dun...

kalau aku buat bisnes pun..
my money is money
and why should my money salur kat orang lain?
money just enough for me and sikit2 nak belanja-ing my beloved siblings...
tp my sis tak kot sebab bisnes dia lagi berkembang and maju than mine

I hate when people talk about money with me..
bak kata 1 of my friend..
"Kau dapat PTPTN, diorang dapat PTPTN..so apa nak kecoh? sama-sama dapat duit yang sama banyak" (budak JPA tak include dlm nih yer..out of topic)

sigh sigh sigh

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