11 January 2010


I never asked you to like me

What more asking you to fall in love with me


A person with thousands of lack things in my life

My life is so dull

So why should you need to like a dull person like me?

Do you ever think that you would be able to add the colors in my life?

Make me smile and feel satisfy with what I had today?

Satisfaction is not what I seek for

Happiness is what I seek for


Happiness seems too far to be reached by me

The colony of feeling that I built in my life darken my heart

Till I feel so confuse on

What should I get

What should I had

What should I aimed


What should I think

All of that seems so blurred for me

Mist is what I see

Trouble is what I get

Sadness is what I felt

Hate me now before you hate me later

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