08 January 2010

PECAL for lunch?

heard about pecal?
pecal is some sort an Indonesian Food
just like Nasi Ayam in Malaysia...

for a long time
I've been craving to eat this food after once
last time
one of my friend brings me to this stall
the stall is just situated apposite if HBP

for this time
I'm going with some of my friends
for having lunch here
in a same day
I went there for 2 times
lunch and tea there
during lunch I'm having a pecal
during tea
I'm having a bakso

heard that
next year around march
they'll be graduating from this school
kinda sad to here that
seriously, if they're not here
I would feel so lost with those cool and happening friends

HIDAYAH ZUL,ZAIDA, ABY ZAIN,PARA, SHAHIR,SHARIL,AFIF - they're the best among the best


  1. ok i know this warung.. lama dah x pegi. nway, nice knowing you n hrp dapat bekerjasama n berperangai lebih gilak lagi!! ur hair mmg eye-catching laa..aiya..

    -miss triple s-

  2. erm? siapa ini miss triple s??
    so sweet to here ur hair mmg eye-catching la ...

  3. jangan lupak, lunch terakhir aku kat Penang kat cni ekh.. jangan lak ko nak bittom kalau nak mai pecal lele.. haha..