15 January 2011

Fred Concept Store 2

Fred and gadget is something that I seek for. But lately with too busy with study, I'm quite not much updated with the latest gadget in the market. Yes, last time I did make my 2011 wishlist which I list several new gadgets need to grab this year. But somehow it just a list that I need to reach for it.

The wishlist contain several items which are Blackberry Bold and 4th Generation of iPod Touch, etc. The first item/gadget that i grab into my box is a hand phone but it is not a Blackberry Bold it just Nokia E5-00. The design is some sort look like Blackberry but the price, seriously is very worth to grab for. The cost for Blackberry Bold is more than MYR 1,000, while for Nokia E5-00 zitron set it cost for about MYR 750 bought on December 2010.

Spec for Blackberry 9780 and Nokia E5-00 is almost the same!
Take a look at both specification and choose - value for money or status?
BlackBerry Bold 9780

Nokia E5-00

For about a month using this phone, it doesn't cause me any problem at all and I am very satisfied to own this phone.

What about an iPod?
I classified it into 'hold gadget list' while I just purchase another new notebook to facilitate me in doing my assignment and editing my captured photo.
Heard that Dell Inspiron is one of the best among the best of Dell Products.
After receiving a consultation from an IT person working in the giant company in Kulim Hi-Tech Park, I made a decision to purchase a Dell Inspiron 15r. It's now under a shipment and I'm still waiting to receive it by next week where it will replace my Lenovo Y410 which keep me accompany for almost 3 years.

Red Tomato is my choice
Dell Inspiron 15r

Thanks Y410!!

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