13 January 2011

I'm a newbie in facebook~

What a cool application introduced by Facebook recently!
a 'Memorable Stories' ...
i read about it a few months ago about this new application in facebook and I was thinking that it just some sort of rumors, but yesterday night reveal everything. As I heard that Facebook is soon shutting down (either
want to believe it or not), this new application shows that the rumors is a fake news as it shows their determination to be the best among the best. As before as other social networking such as Friendster, MySpace and Hi5, Facebook can be seen as one of the most famous and give so much impact in social virtual networking with its interesting application inside it and now, they introduce another application that i believe would make people laugh when they can read their past post and comments made by their college.  Me my self, just found out what is my first post in Facebook!

This is my very first post in Facebook!

This is how Facebook bring a great impact to me after a while with Facebook

After a year with Facebook, this is the post that I've posted.

And after 2 years with Facebook?!
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