28 August 2010

Fred the Rojak Craver!

Happy Birthday Fred!

I am now 20 years old life.Tonight, it is not kind of celebration, it just can be called as a hang-out, food crawl etc but not celebration. It just Syahmi, Tasya and Me wandering around the island from place to place and I am cooled with that as I was not expecting something like a die hard celebration from me either from my friends..

One of the Rojak Stall listed in Rasa-Rasa Penang Brochure

Tasya was asking if I was planning to go anywhere on that night and seriously, there was no plan in my head rather than just stay in my room and watch my tonnes of movies collection. Then, Syahmi text-ed me and ask to go out for 'minum-minum', then I proposed to Syahmi and Tasya why dont we just start the car, and go whenever without any plan.

Lately I was craving for Rojak and the best place for Rojak in Penang located at Gurney Drive/Padang Kota Baru, so we went there directly from Tekun. As we went there, the stall has closed (just close when we arrived), and i was thinking that it is not my rezeki. Then, syahmi said 'Apa kata ko pegi tengok2 kat belakang tu', when i go i saw a stall where around 5 to 6 people were queuing up at Rojak Stall!! Binggo! i found another great Rojak Stall! We bought RM 4, rojak and share among 3 o us.

Erm.... dap erh!

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