27 August 2010

They Wished Me through Phone!

It's 28 of August 2010, and it is the day where my age turn to be 20 years old! Great? Nothing special, it just a number, but what is special are them. The one who wished me through mobile phone! & why? because i considered them as the one who remembered my birthday date without need to refer to the 'event' on Facebook.. he-he

1. Masitah; my mom called me right after break fast and we had a nice chat, she seems like would asking me going back but tomorrow i need to complete my land survey task, i cant go back, plus i got SPR meeting on Sunday morning, going back would be worthless.

2. Auji; the classmate who was admitted to the hospital due to blood infection, and the one who i stoled her cute keychain,hehe

3. Faiq; one of my BFF

4. Tasya; my junior.

5. Khairy; a new old friend..haha

6. Massheera; a matrix friend who now turns to be a uni friend...

7. Syamil; a ConvEx friend

8. Shakir Sharif; my best friend made from Kulim

9. Alia Samsudin; my friend's friend who is now my friend's girlfriend

and I am actually still waiting a wish from my BFF, Aween Ainan Redzuan, Syamil Afiq Najdi, Shah Jehan Mohd Yatim ... it's now 3.24 am, guessing they slept now and not remember to wish me yet, hope that they wont forget my birthday...

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