28 August 2010

Majlis Sambutan Hari Jadi Fred ke 20

I had a very exhausted day today, last night I went for eating chocolate and rojak with Syahmi and Tasya around Penang and coming back late knowing that I have land survey in the morning at 8 am. Coming back to my room around 430am, I sleep and as I woke up, I saw Lai Sim text me for 2 times and saw that my clock showing 859 am! Then I thoroughly took my bath and went to the side. Seriously it is very exhausted, from
930am till 130pm, it makes me feel like wanna break my fast! but then i came back to my room,take a bath and try to sleep so that I wont break my fast. Alhamdullilah, i manage to fast till the time and the location for my break fast today is in Masjid Kampung Rawa, Sungai Pinang,Pulau Pinang with my SPeRM Family! (SPeRM; refering to Sekretariat Pencegah Rasuah USM, a short form yang entah apa2 tp style! hahah)

I drink a lot during the breaking fast session, and we had our Isya' there, as we get back to USM, Khairy Zaulkifli, as the YDP for the SPeRM family, make some speech, realizing that something is fishy as Haja Maidin asking me to go to the toilet, and Tasya and Nazhipah stalking around the bambam, and Syahmi seems like take care of the car and the face when i went inside the care seems like awkward, i know something is going to happen!!! and BOOM! a flour splashing on my face! RUN!!! & others screaming! SERANG!!! then, they chase after me. damn shit... i hate flour and egg as the way of birthday celebration, luckily there was no egg just now...

I was celebrating my birthday together with Izan, a SPeRM family too..the same date, 28 of August! Happy Birthday Izan!

(no present ha?!)

The night is being cheer up by these people...sitting on the floor from left, Aush,Izan,Paah,Nazhipah,Khairy,Syahmi,Hafiz,Tasya and Hanif..

Standing at the back from left, Salam,Ain (kowt) ,Syamil,Masshera, me (the clean boy hahaha)!

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